Title Smart Factory & Automation Technology Fair 2024 (SMATEC2024)
Show Date Nov 6(Wed) ~ 8(Fri), 2024 / 3Days
Venue Suwon Convention Center
Scale 140 Companies, 330 Booths (7,877m2)
Organized by The Korea Economic Daily, Korea Industrial Complex Corporation Korea ICT Convergence Network, Korea Industry 4.0 Association, Gyeonggi Federation of SMEs Convergence, Korea Industrial Marketing Institute
Event Exportation counseling sessions, Seminar & Conference,
A meeting centered on the cooperation of large and small businesses for smart factory construction
● Exhibits
Factory Automation Fair Motion Control & Parts : Drive, Servo motor, Linear motor, Inverter, Controller, Clutches/Brakes, Change/Reducer, LM guide, Gear, Gear motor, Ball screw, Torque limiter, Electrical control device, Sensor, Control valve, Other Automation Components
FA System : HMI, Dispenser, Actuator, Bearing, Index coupling, Shaft, Cylinder, Index Table, Automatic spray nozzle
Test & Measurement : Measuring instruments(Instrument, Temperature/Pressure gauge, Indicator, Projector, Optical microscope, Level, Hardness tester), Machine Vision System, 3D Scanning system
Robot : Gantry Loader, Multi-joint robot, Linear robot, Welding robot, Bouncing robots, Palletizing robots, Inspecting robot, Robot controllers, Robot system, Part & S/W
3D Printing & 3D Printing Materials : 3D Printer, 3D Software, 3D Scanner, Parts & Materials
Smart Factory Solution Fair Automation of manufacturing : Integrated Automation System(Smart factory system, Automation system construction, Consulting), Information Technology(HML, Panels, industrial PC), Controlling Technology, Information sensing/transforming system, Energy supplying technology, Energy saving technology, IoT technology, Security technology
FA System : HMI, Dispenser, Actuator, Bearing, Index coupling, Shaft, Cylinder, Index Table, Automatic spray nozzle
Software : CAD/CAM, CAE, PLM, MES, ERP, SCM, CAID, Cloud, Big Data
Automation Facility Fair Logistics System : Automatic warehouse & system, Conveyor, Automatic door, Logistics Information System, Vacuum suction feed system, Cable bares, Lifts, Hoists, Chain, Belt, Roller, Other Logistics Systems
Pneumatic & Hydraulic System : Compressor, Cylinder, Pump, Vacuum system, Blower, Fan, Industrial pneumatic valve
Welding & Finishing Facilities : Welding machines, Welding automation, Welding materials, Welding parts or related equipment, Other Finishing Facilities
Smart Factory Special Fair
A special show of companies that have built smart factories through the support provided for small businesses by Samsung Electronics




● Application Guideline


Application form must be submitted by SEPTEMBER 30, 2024(Application may not be accepted if all space has been reserved before the deadline)

How to apply

1) Download, complete the Exhibitor Application Form and submit it to the Secretariat Office via email
( or Fax(+82-2-588-2599)
2) Submit copy of business license to the Secretariat Office via email ( or Fax(+82-2-588-2599)
● Application Guideline
Type Scale Application Fee
Space only 1Booth (3m × 3m = 9㎡) $2,300
Shell Scheme 1Booth (3m × 3m = 9㎡) $2,700
Premium 1Booth (3m × 3m = 9㎡) $3,300
● Early Bird
Type Scale
Early Bird Deadline March 31, 2024 $600
June 30, 2024 $400
● Utilities Fee(Tax not included)
Type Electricity Electricity(24hour) Telephone Internet
Price $ 60 / kW $ 80 / kW $ 200 / unit $ 150 / port
Type Water & Drainage Air Compressor Visitor Data Management System
Price $ 200 / unit $ 200 / unit $ 200 / per unit
● Payment Policy
- 50% of the total participation fee should be paid upon submission of the application form.
- Please send us a copy of the bank transfer by fax(+82-2-588-2599) or e-mail(
- The remaining balance should be paid by SEPTEMBER 30, 2024

● Bank Information
All payment should be submitted to the following account
Bank Account No. Beneficiary SWIFT Code
KEB Hana Bank 203-890014-84238 KIMI KOEXKRSE


● Visitors Information


Suwon Convention Center(SCC)

Show Date

NOV. 6~8 2024 / 3DAYS

Visiting Hours

NOV 6~7 : 10:00~17:00
NOV 8 : 10:00~16:00

● Admission
SMATEC 2024 Site Registration Pre-register/Invitation Card/Foreigner
General Visitor General Group/Student Institution Free
₩5,000 ₩3,000 ₩2,000


When you pre-register through [on-line] SMATEC 2024 website, it will provide you with convenient access to enter at exhibition hall and there will be no charge for the SMATEC 2024 enterance. You need to visit the ticket office to receive free admission ticket of the SMATEC 2024 and there will be ticket office just for the online pre-registration. From the ticket office, they will check your ID to verify your information. After verification of your ID, you will receive pass and then you will be able to enter the exhibition hall.

On-line Pre-register

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